Implementing BlockChain in Real Word

Our main objective is to Provide BlockChain Based Platform In Traditional Market.

About Us

Key feature of soarX-Coin

  • 100% Community bassed development Coin.
  • Long vision with positive road map.
  • Logically calculated plan to boost up community
  • Transparent liquidity lock with video footage.
  • Regular schedule burning.
  • Supported with various utility casses.

soarX - Coin is a pure decentralized Coin offered by SOARX ECO-SYSTEM community development program It is offered for all type of services providing to the growing world of digital artists, content creators, collectors, e-commerce, digital news services, OTT platform, and gamers. soarXCoin is ornamented by various App designed for real world requirement.
as it is centered with various different kind of Decentralized projects, it will defiantly define itself as one of its kind in decentralized world. Through, its uniquely exchange and add-on services, it will surely reduce middleman commission and increase revenue to members associates with projects.


Coin/Token always rely on use case Lets see the brief details of soarX use case.

Rise of every coin/token rely on its use case, soarX Coin has explicitly decorate with various use case to accelerate soarX price.

  • The term OTT needs no introduction. Every individual, regardless of age knows about this platform. There are so many OTT platform with very good quality materials. Still there are so many people can't enlist their project due to high charge of launching or may be cannot draw attention.

  • An online educational portal that deliver real market needed content. Our main object to give quality education. There are so many educational portal. Most of them deliver their content in foreign language. Sometime its became difficult for non-convent based student as they have to learn English to know computer. For now, we are conducting our classes in English, Hindi, Bengali and Nepali. We will add other language soon.

  • Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test introduced by BRAIN ELIXIR, is a set of assessment systems developed by scientists and medical experts based on Genetics, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics, Neuroscience and Pediatric Psychology through methods of observation, record, comparison and summarization in combination with clinical experience.

    • De Centralized Exchange
    • Own Blockchain
    • Native Token
    • P2P E-Commerce
    • De-Centralized Gammin Platform
    • Digital Diary
    • Creative Diary
    • Fun Learning Game
    • De-Centralized Lucky Draw


Distribution of soarX-Coin in various sector as road map to ensure transparency.

soarX-Coin ensure, transparency of coin distribution with valid calculated distribution module to ensure 100% gain.

Eco System10%
Exchage Sell 30%
Private Sell 10%
Stack Reward 15%
Founder Member 5%
Advertisement 5%
Promoter 5%
Development Fund 5%
Developer Fund 5%


Customer service is the experience that we provide to our customers. It's the promise we keep with our customers. It's how we follow through for our customers. It is how we make people feel when they conduct business with us.


Local OTT platform with rich content of information about Haritage and Tourism


An online Learning Paltform, Learn Blockchain, DApp development, Advance Web Development.

Brain Elixir

Explore your INBORN Talent & Know Your IQ, CQ, EQ AND AQ in scientific way.

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Teamwork is the ability to collaborate toward a common goal. The ability to channel individual accomplishments towards organizational goals. It is the fuel that enables ordinary individuals to achieve unusual results.

Om Attri

Founder/Chief Developer

Developer, soarX Coin, UCODEMY, Brain Elixir and other projects

Altab Hossain

Founder Member

Deals with all Internal Executions.

Prasonjit Barman

Crypto & Technical Expert

Deals with soarX Coin & System Projects.

Dr. Parshuram Roy

Marketing Head

Deals with all Promotion with Technical assitance.

Stack Plan

Three long and short term stacking plan.

Prime Member #1


Rs4,00,000worth soarX-Coin

  • Minimum One Year Locking.
  • Distribute 5% of price hike among members.
  • 49% Profit share from other projects
  • 7%[4+3] Instant reward for introducer
  • One month grace for withdrawal followed by end date.

Corporate Member #3

@>100USDTworth soarX-Coin

  • 6 month staking [9% on invested value]
  • 12 month staking [20% on invested value]
  • 6%[4+2] Instant reward for introducer
  • One month grace for withdrawal followed by end date.
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are sou many quieries to be solved as FAQ[Friquiently Asked Question], We have some moderate module to include here within to ensure to ansered all the general quieries.

  • What is soarX-Coin?

    soarX-Coin is community based SRX-20 with so many projects like OTT [sorgol], IT farm[ucodemy], DMIT[brainelixir] with lot of upcoming projects.

  • Each time a token exchange is recorded on the soarx blockchain via the platform, an audit trail is created to track the source of the tokens. This not only assists in enhancing security and preventing fraud in exchange-related enterprises, but also in establishing the validity of traded assets

  • For now we can buy soarX-Coin From AzBit and Soarxbits.


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